Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Carlos from Salsa Fuego

The Fort Worth Business Press has a great article about Carlos and his path to Salsa Fuego from last Friday. The last sentence is very promising:
"We’re thinking of expanding or looking for a second location,” Rodriguez said. “We’re definitely busting out at the seams."
Lets hope that comes to fruition.

This, we hope, bears less fruit:
"He has applied for a liquor license."
Carlos, unless you plan on making a menu of unique drinks please just charge a little more and let us continue to bring our own peach schnapps and zimas.

But either way, its good to see Salsa Fuego getting some more love.


Texican said...

The first time we ate there, the service was horrible - more than an hour to get our food.

We've been back several times since, and the service is much improved.

The food remains really, really good - I love the calamari, the brisket tacos and - yes - the burgers.

I will say that I agree that one of the reasons we like SF is because we can bring our own bottle of wine - not sure I would go as much if that changed.

Anonymous said...

FWHITW how I've missed reading your blog. Looking for somewhere to eat and you came through, sort of.

Anonymous said...

you're recommending restaurants and you'll claim/admit to drinking peach schnapps & zima?

That puts a whole other perspective on things.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Anonymous 1, 70% of the time I come through 100%.

Anonymous 2, if you can think of a better pairing for delicious Mexican food then do share. I submit that you will fail.

Thanks for readin and commenting.

Anonymous said...

Let's also hope that they start improving their customer service. I'd really like to try this place, but the last time I was in there I was treated so rudely I have no interest in returning.