Monday, June 27, 2011

YES! Taco Party

In case you missed it, Friday's event at 809 Vickery to ring in the new YES! Taco truck seemed to be a success.  809 Vickery is a renovated old building on Vickery with a great patio and a very nicely finished out interior.  Seems like a good location to have an event with a quasi-view of downtown Fort Worth and especially appropriate if you need an air conditioned area and a shaded patio.  Homeless urinators are optional.

What about the food you say?  Great.  I had the carolina pulled pork, bean, and carne asado tacos.  The pulled pork was very juicy and the slaw on top added a nice sharpness to balance out the sweetness of the carolina pulled pork.  The beans were a bit bland but the two sauces they provided both added a great punch.  The beef tacos were the overall favorites (of the official FWHITW Reporting Crew) and also included the same sauces available with the beans.   Those sauces can most accurately be described as red and green

Ok, I can do better than that - because I stole a menu.  The green is a tomatillo sauce with a spicy, tangy taste.  The red is a smokey salsa.  It's pureed roasted tomatoes, peppers and spices.  I think the red was the most flavorful but both were good.

Also, thanks to Cap and Hare, the Home Brew Club of Brewmaster Extraordinaries, who provided their home brew for free.  Specifically, the cascadian dark ale (my favorite) and the hefeweizen with coriander and salt were terrific.  We need to figure out to get these guys out to more events for free beer.  Or get the guy that sells the El Taco Negro some financing so he can start selling that stuff.  Because it's going to be awkward when I take a free tour of his house while he's gone one day.

Now for some alarming news.  We're all going to have to buy some shoes from Tom's and wear funky hats if we want to survive in the Fort Worth of the future.  At least its better than wearing affliction tees and looking like we live in dallas.

Here's a poor quality shot from the entrance.  I'm sure Kevin at FortWorthology will have better pics up soon.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, FWHITW back from Hiatus or something. Your posts were o-so-rare for so long, and now 4 in a row. You must be inspired or something.

Go hit up Arca de Noe ASAP!

Steph said...

I was there, and I was totally wearing Toms. I guess I am THE FUTURE!!!!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Anonymous, I found that the sporadic posting from before made it to easy to forget to post for long periods of time. I think a more regular schedule will keep me from leaving month long periods without posting.

Arca de Noe? I'll check it out. Thanks!

Steph, the future is now!

Anonymous said...

Look for the big orange truck NOW ON MAGNOLIA across from Spiral Diner (nonna tata and Lili Bistro) Love the egg, oxacan cheese and (vegetarian) chorizo breakfast taco.