Saturday, June 18, 2011

Los Mier

Have we been to a small Mexican joint together recently?  I don't think so.  Well, its time for another trip and this time, to the East of 35.  Will this be a test of intestinal fortitude or a delight for the senses?  Read below to find out.

Los Mier came into my life based on the recommendation of my dad (that reference is your father's day gift, dad - enjoy!).  Los Mier is in a small strip center on Sylvania, next to a Mercado and other assorted Spanish only type stores.  From the outside, it looks like a place where you might need a handful of Spanish phrases to get around and you might consider the possibility that you can't get a chimichanga.

Fortunately, both are true.  The menu is full of tampiqueno steaks, carne guisada and other delicious Mexican favorites.  You also get chips with a fresh salsa that has a nice spicy burn to it.  The inside is small and narrow, with vinyl booths along one wall and tables on the other.  This is the type of place you can take your coworkers to scare them a little - but they'll love you afterwards.

The lunch special of the day was carne guisada.  Normally, carne guisada comes in a sort of gravy type sauce and consists of very tender, soft beef.  This was more like a stewed, chopped tamiqupeno, with peppers and tomatoes.  It was delicious, tender, and very vibrant.  But it didn't really seem like carne guisada.  Since it wasn't.  But it was good enough that I will order it again.  The lunch dish came with 1/3 of a plate of decent rice and a 1/3 of a plate of runny, flavorful refried beans.  The plate also came with shredded lettuce, a whole slice of tomato and slices of fresh avocado.  This alone is enough to fill even the most obese of us.  But you also get fresh tortillas on the side.

Each day the lunch special is different.  A fun challenge that your wife and pants will hate, would be to try each lunch special in a week.  Let me know how that goes.

As mentioned before, this place was recommended by my father.  He ordered the tampiqueno with shrimp and he loved it.  The steak was very tender and flavorful.  A tampiqueno steak is a very thin cut which is grilled.  If you overcook the meat, its dry and tough.  From numerous trips down south of the border, our family has a fine appreciation of great tampiqueno.  It was also reported that the steak actually took up the entire plate, and rice and beans were actually sitting on top of the massive steak plate.  I love steak plates.  I just wish more of our dishes were made of steak

Los Mier also has horchata and your favorite bottled Mexican drinks (not tequila).  If you haven't tried horchata, its a rice milk drink with a cinnamon and vanilla essence.  It's very good, but sweet.  Only get it if you don't mind filling up partially from your drink.

They take credit cards and appear to be open for lunch and dinner.  The restaurant is located at 730 N. Sylvania Ave, just north of Race Street, on the east side of the road.

Let me know if you've been or if you go, let me know what you get.

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bourgon said...

That sounds all sorts of awesome. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I actually stopped by this place based on your comments, but my co-worker was physically afraid to go in based on the neighborhood, so we ended up going someplace else.
I'll have to go with another co-worker, lol!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Can you fire this co-worker? Do that first. Then go back with the new, leaner and more efficient employee you hire.