Monday, June 20, 2011

YES! Taco

Looks like a Taco, Tastes like Awesome

Everybody say hello to our new taco truck in the Fort.  The restruck/truckaurant is called YES! Taco and they will be giving out free tacos at 809 West Vickery on Friday evening from 7-9 pm.  The Star-Telegram (where I stole this news from) says that the tacos will be served along with complimentary beer and music.

This Friday, YES! Taco will be launched with a free event at 809 at Vickery, an event venue located at, no surprise, 809 W. Vickery Blvd. in Fort Worth. Free vittles will be served from 7 to 9 p.m., then Fish Fry Bingo, Waiting for One, Tim Miller and Zuriel Bertch will provide music till 11 p.m.Cap and Hare, an area amateur home-brew society, will be supplying the beer inside while a Kentucky bourbon brand is offering straight and mixed drinks.

This all sounds like good news for Fort Worth.  And for those of you on the uncarnivorous end of the food chain, there will be vegan friendly food. 

After their grand opening, the YES! Taco truck will be at 1013 West Magnolia. 

Check them out this Friday if you like free food, drinks, and music.  If you don't, please leave.


bourgon said...

Oh! Wow! Another! Taco! Truck! Serving! Tacos! On! Magnolia! What! Are! The! Odds!


FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Yeah, it would be nice to get a little diversity in our truck offerings. But the movement has got to start somewhere.

Anonymous said...

What is the excitement about these taco trucks? Haven't we had the same basic thing for 20 years on almost every corner on the south side? Is it the wheels?

bourgon said...

I'm with Anonymous - is it really a movement if it's been going on for decades? The big (only?) difference is "named" trucks with splashy logos in hipper areas. It's almost like an entry for "Things White People Like".

And, what happens if one of these (specifically) taco trucks doesn't make it? Is it our fault for not wanting Mexican food every single time? This coming from someone who tracked down 4 of the taco trucks when they came through town for that reality show. Yes, I could see some of those not surviving long-term here - Fort Worth just can't support a crepe truck, I don't think (unless it was parked on Magnolia). Then again, I wonder how many of these are just savvy entrepreneurs paying for a "hip" logo and moving from Southside to Magnolia/7th. That would be cool. And funny.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Anonymous, the main excitement is that these trucks cater to those who generally support more of the same. In other words, the people using the newer food trucks, are likely to support other types of food trucks, which should encourage additional growth in that market. The food trucks on the south side or at work sites don't cater to a very wide audience. And the yuppies and hipsters who like Yum Yum and Taco Heads, probably aren't keen on venturing to a north side grocery store parking lot for a midnight taco.

Bourgon, don't feel bad if they fail. It's global warming's fault.

Taco This said...

For the viewing of Fort Worth's best tacos, go to

While I am a proponent of Taco Trucks, there just seems something wrong about a Taco Truck having a Facebook and Twitter account. I DO hope they make it as FW Taco Truck scene is growing here (and that benefits everyone, in my opinion).

Thanks for the intel on this, and my review will come shortly. ;-)