Friday, September 2, 2011


Lots of Mexican Food updates today:

According to whatever amalgamation our daily paper and have created, The Original is getting a renovation and will now be less dark.  Anybody been yet?  Rumor has it, the Roosevelt is still there but new things are being added as well.  Anticipation is high.  Hopefully it doesn't look like a Mi Cocina now.

New Breakfast Options

Follwing the trend of others opening for breakfast, La Familia is now open for breakfast on the weekends. Their website isn't updated but look for the flyers with the egg on it when you walk in. Also, my friends who are relatives of Sarah Palin introduced me to the flautas here. I'm not normally a big flauta fan, but if you get chicken in flour tortillas, you'll probably track me down just to marry me. Seriously. They're gooder than you can imagine.

Yep. Gooder.

No More Downtown Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Stand
In some sad news, the food truck push has killed the food cart business in Fort Worth.  The Star-Telegram has breaking news regarding Luwana Carver's hot dog stands which are seen outside City Hall and in the Tarrant County Adminitration Building.  Because of increased competition and onerous city regulations, she's shutting down her stand.  No new carts will be coming to downtown yet, but we'll keep you updated.  The Fort Worth Hole In The Wall Downtown Bureau Chief is working feverishly to find new information.

Finally, a real food reviewer, Eat This Fort Worth, is reporting that Salsa Limon is giving out free breakfast through September 5th.  They're located across the street from Fuzzy's on Berry.  Notice to all TCU freshman, these tacos will not contribute to the freshman 15.  That's a myth created by Hallmark.


Victor L said...

The hot dog stand story is definitely a testament to good ideas gone wrong. As many know the U.S. economy is an example of a mixed economic system. This system borrows many ideas from a market or laissez faire economy system. Mixed system states that government can intervene in economic affairs if deemed necessary. The main thing trying to be avoided in a mixed system is monopolies. Therefore when the other hotdog stands accused Carver of a monopoly the government was forced to intervene. Their intervention (to limit her to 2 locations) was the final blow in her business and our econ system's laissez faire roots offered no support for her. No system is perfect we can only pick which we think is best.

Steve-o said...

RE: The Original. I loved the old dumpy interior. I think of it as patina and character. I'm sure that the Rivercrest/Monticello crowd just thinks of it as dumpy. That said, the interior is much brighter and executed with enough aplomb. It's not Mi Cocina but that's still the general idea. The Roosevelt - still my personal choice - was the same as always.

In a nutshell: It could have been worse. The Pessimist's view: The Dallasification of Fort Worth continues.

Anonymous said...

While I agree the old place was weathered and badly in need of a makeover, (and not in a cool/good way) it almost seems like they went a little overboard on the snow white barstools and walls.

Bright white overload aside, the most important thing is that the menu/food is still the same, and the open concept and new bathrooms are a big improvement over the old configuration.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

The dallasification can be seen all over West 7th. I was hoping it wouldn't make it west of Montgomery but I guess that is where we're headed.

Next thing we know, George's will reopen with a cover charge and bouncer.