Monday, October 24, 2011

The Tavern

OK, it's not so much of a hole in the wall since it has cousins from San Angelo, but its local enough since I believe the chef is also the owner.  But the Tavern is a newish venture that has taken over the old Snookie's on Hulen - and since I've been lax on posting, it's the first thing that popped into my head after the third email today about my lack of posting.

The Tavern seems quaintly, oddly, finally, reminiscent of what many foodie cities are seeing in the form of unique menu-ed restaurants, with quality chefs making good food - at a fairly reasonable price.  This place isn't cheap, but its also not budget busting.  You can come and share a plate which provides a ton of food, or you can have your own and make a nice date night out of dinner here.  Think of it as the replacement to the Covey, but without the brewery and some cheaper options. 

I've now been thrice and have a sufficient amount of information to have an opinion (unlike most of these posts which are quickly written before I finish my meal).

The first time out, I had the New Mexico burger which was filled with racetracks and sand.  Actually, it had roasted poblano peppers, chipotle mayo and cheese.  There may have been additional things but they were inconsequential.  The burger was large, messy and delicious.  Like many of these specialty burgers you can try across town, the meat often can be sub par as the chef overloads it with odd flavors that confuse your basic burger mind.  Not the case here.  The meat was tender, flavorful (on its own) and perfectly cooked (a good vet could sew it back up and make it moo).  I can't remember what else was ordered at the table because I generally ignore everybody else around me when good food is in front of me.  But I do remember an order of tomatoes and blue cheese that came with the burger (it was the side I selected, but you can get many others) and they was delicious, with ripe red tomatoes and good blue cheese.

On the second trip, I had the Original BLT Salad, which sounds like a cop-out, but if you haven't noticed, I eat a lot of bad food.  So every once in awhile I have to care for my heart and eat a salad, covered in bacon.  This was one of the best salads I've ever had.  It had chicken, the silent and often absent C in the BLT.  It had bacon.  Avocado.  Cucumber.  Some nuts.  And best of all, a secret sauce.  The server mentioned the secret sauce in a manner that would cause a juvenile FWHITW blogger to make many a joke.  But as a more seasoned writer, I'll pass on that and leave the locker room humor to the comments section.  The salad was tasty, without being over loaded on sauce, and large enough for two people to share if you wanted to start with a salad and also split a meal.

I can't remember what I had the third time, which was actually the second trip, but for transition sake, I left that out above.

Also good options, based on friends' opinions and from what appeared to be drool coming down diners' faces, are the crab cakes (crab cake salad minus the salad), deviled eggs, and brisket tacos.

The Tavern also serves Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 9-2.  There are no bottomless drinks, but I think you get a discount if you come in bottomless.

The Tavern is located at 2755 South Hulen and you can visit them here.

Let me know what you think - and again, sorry for the delay in posting.
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you said...

Was just there last Friday. My wife and I were reluctanct to go back considering we had been to Snooki's and the name "Tavern" sounded like more of the same food and we were interested in trying new things; but one groupon later and we loved the fanciful fare. We really enjoy the place - and a mark of a good restaurant (in some regards) is that they always seem out of certain entrees. Their portions are large and of good quality and a weekend night provides a nice busy ambiance.

Glad to have a quality dining option on Hulen and glad to see it's not all in the West 7th area.

Anonymous said...

FYI there's a bottomless mimosa during brunch on the weekends.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Well, lookie there. Bottomless mimosas on the weekends at brunch. I guess you can continue wearing pants there.

Thanks for the update Anonymous.

You, thanks for the comment. And I think it would be nice to have more of this at West 7th than some of the stuff we've got going on over there now.

Kari said...

A. I took the above picture, yep be proud.

B. You failed to mention the best part about the burger...the BUNS- in house homemade just like almost everything on their menu.

***also you should try their unreal amazing ribs and on the contrary the veggie plate- it's unlike any veggie plate in Ft Worth- try it!!!

Ford Fort Worth said...

I'll have to stop by there and try the crab cakes. Crab cakes are one of my all time favorite foods!

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FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...


Thanks for the stolen photo. I assume you read my comment policy which states all comments regardless of content are waivers of all copyright, theft, or other legal claims available.

It's a great shot. If you've photographed other food, send me an email at I'll be happy to give you credit if you let me use the photo. I have no money, but I will wax ineloquently about how great you are.