Friday, February 3, 2012

The Bottom

Yes I know, due to a prolonged absence, the clout of this blog has deteriorated.  However, after seeing the news about a multi-billion dollar IPO for Facebook, it has become apparent that FortWorthHoleInTheWall is next for that gravy train.  Therefore, in celebration of hitting the Bottom in the blogging world (I lost my #1 status at Urbanspoon), lets talk about the restaurant of the same name.

Note:  The Bottom should not be confused with Bottoms Up, the establishment catering to a certain male clientele and SMU grads.  The Bottom took the place of the former Rock Bottom which was the former Ocean Rock down on the Bluebonnet Circle at the South end of University.  As far as I can tell, its the same restaurant, but with an american/seafood/quasi-tex-mex flair.  Not wrestling star flair (i.e., Nacho Libre) but somewhat funky - like a cool college bar/restaurant.  The restaurant still has a very nice, covered patio facing the circle and the inside is not cavernous like many restaurants - leading it to have a cozy feel at most tables.

Being a romantic, I took Mrs. FWHITW out for a cheap brunch a few weeks ago to Bottoms Up.  That ended poorly so the next week we tried The Bottom on the advice of the radio.  The radio told me to order the quesadillas and ask for the brisket inside - which is not a menu option.  Everybody loves to get something that seems like a secret right?  Isn't that why you eat at these restaurants - because they're your little secret.  Well, I think The Bottom could be considered a little Fort Worth secret.  I don't know that the food is all that spectacular or that there is anything so unique that makes it a must-go place.  But from my experience, the service is good, the food is good and the setting is great.

As alluded to, I had the quesadilla with brisket.  The quesadilla - possibly the most boring item to order - was good.  The brisket was tender and flavorful and the 'dilla had a good combination of inside ingredients. One of the best ways to screw up a dish this simple, is to go cheap on cheese or add too many items so that you end up eating a mexican lasagna.  This one had a nice balance.  Key to the 'dilla, however, was a delicious salsa which really hooked me.  It tasted fresh and had a nice amount of spice.  The Mrs. selected the breakfast burrito which appeared to be the same thing as a quesadilla, just wrapped instead of folded.  Both burrito and 'dilla came in a jalapeno cheddar tortilla which added a nice Nacho Libre flair. 

Although our orders were exceedingly boring, the food we saw leaving the kitchen looked delicious.  The burgers appeared full of delicious fillings and the meat didn't look charred.  Their bar also seemed oriented to a large consumption crowd, with mimosas served in large schooners and over 20 beers on tap, including some local options.  This place is probably a great place to take a group where everybody wants something different and you don't have to worry about finding something good to eat.  In other words - this is the place you can select when you're afraid to impose your will of some unusual restaurant on others. 

According to their website the Bottom has become a mecca for sports and college related activities.  The little Ticket hosted a night at the Bottom, which I think I remember good comments coming from the crew.  There are lots of college girls so if you're a single TCU guy, save your dollars, skip Bottoms Up and talk to a girl who is actually working on getting a degree.  And now that TCU is joining the Big 12-?, you'll need a game watching location for the those games against the horns if they decide to air the game on the Longhorn Network (trademark and availability pending).

The Bottom is located at 3468 Blue Bonnet Circle and can be found online here.  If you've been, share your experiences with the world and email me to get more information about investing in the future of our billion dollar IPO planned for later this year.

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RJG said...


LOL - but you only fell behind me. I'm rather certain you'll attain your deserved #1 ranking with your renewed posting! I assure you that your readership is much larger, based on the comments I've seen. Urbanspoon has a crazy way to count votes and has nothing to do with how many page hits your blog gets.

(just don't forget to put the US spoonfeed boxes on your reviews, or otherwise US won't know!)

Good to see you back!


FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

RJG, I was just glad it was you and not that Full Custom Gospel BBQ or whatever. That guy is statewide and he already has the attention of Texas Monthly. He shouldn't be counted in the DFW rankings.

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