Monday, February 6, 2012

Yogi's and Groupons

If you're a Groupon user, today they have an offer for Yogi's on Hulen. The Star-Telegram had an article this weekend about how business is suffering for Yogi with the traffic on Hulen. So now is the time to get in and get some cheap food.  Yogi's has recently changed the subtitle of his restaurant so it's not longer just a bagel place (not that it ever was).  If you haven't been recently, go help our local people out so we don't become overrun with...gasp...cracker barrels.

EDIT:  Just as a note - I went to the Groupon page and it also shows Zeke's Fish and Chips as the Groupon of the day.  Either way, they're both local and you should go to both regardless of dietary concerns.

Do they sell pancakes at Yogi's?

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Liz said...

I have lived in the apartments across the street from Yogi's for the 4 years at TCU. I love Yogi's but even I can admit the amount of idiots that block the intersection and are timid deter from going there at times. Which is unfortunate, because Yogi's has the best huevos rancheros around town (drenched in ketchup of course) with a blueberry bagel topped with blueberry cream cheese.