Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mijo's Fusion

Apparently Mijo's Fusion, in the old Junsuree Thai location, is open or opening soon.  According to, they had a soft opening on Monday the 26th. 

From the description of their menu, it sounds like the fusion will be Mexican/Japanese.  In the future they expect to have sushi.  Is this like the chinese food/doughnuts place in Springtown?  Either way, its brilliant.  sushi rolls are basically enchiladas and a wonton is just the eastern version of a chimichanga.

I've been looking forward to this for awhile but never realized there would be a sushi twist.  Our Eye in the Sky, First Warn reporters will be on the scene soon to report back to you the most current, Fair & Balanced reviews.  Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Oh, please, delete all mention of the Chinese Food/Donut place in Springtown. It is about as embarrassing to us as the nude photography place on the outskirts of town 20 years or so ago.

I am a follower of your website but respectfully ask you to retract mention of said embarrassment. Please.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

You are asking me to remove from the annals of history, the institution for which Springtown is known? I'm sorry Mr/Mrs Anonymous, but its our duty to record this matter for our children's children's children.

I can't help you except to point out that Granbury had a similar restaurant. Does that help? Probably not.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

I love it!! We have been here twice since it has been opened and both times we experienced great service. The food is incredible, I had the Waikiki Shrimp tacos which were delightful, my husband had the Venezuela Paella and he said it was great! Waitstaff was very friendly and helpful,I loved the way we were acknoledged as made our way in, everybody made us feel welcomed. At the moment they are counterservice but we were told it would be switching to full service very soon. The plates are very appealing and taste even better, the restaurant itself is beautiful and the patio outside is convenient and very nice as well. :)