Sunday, March 11, 2012

Buffalo Bros

For years loyal readers have emailed or told me to go visit Buffalo Bros.  I have heard about the cool atmosphere, the affordable food and drinks and great pizza.  All delays in going to Buffalo Bros had nothing to do with all of you who begged.  It was a temporary boycott of all things yankee.  Buffalo Bros is owned by a transplanted New Yorker and is a relaxed sports bar without those guys you hate that are always at another buffalo named wing place seen across the metroplex. 

"Is that creepy guy that's taking our photo going to put this online?"

There is ample seating inside that follows the long bar and culminates in a seating area surrounding by TV's in the back.  TV's are set up for every sight line and according to the bartender I chatted with, they'll show anything that's on so long as you ask - assuming its not a non-TCU game when TCU is playing.  There's an outside patio that is shaded and dog-friendly for those of you walking up from nearby neighborhoods.  Overall, the ambiance instantly reminds you of every town's college sports bar.  But its ours.  Although the owner is from Buffalo and has filled the bar's shelves with Buffalo type knick-knacks, he recognizes the importance of TCU and has given the purple frog its due.

But I wasn't sent to Buffalo Bros to see the ambiance or guarantee the city-required purple frog was appropriately displayed.  I went for the food.  Specifically, the pizza.  Luckily, I also ordered the wings on my trip because the pizza might not have a challenger in town for that level of "quality".  Before I get into specifics let me say that I'm not picky about pizza.  Thick or thin crusts, saucy or dry, spicy or mild, hot or co....well.  That's a line I wont cross - pizza must be hot for me to enjoy.  The pizza I had at Buffalo Bros was less than hot but not cold, the cheese seemed congealed and the sparse toppings would have disappointed a minimalist.  If I had been drunk, it would have passed as a beer absorbent, but alas, I must have been too sober for my slice.

Not what my pizza looked like..
Fortunately, as mentioned above, I ate what the Buffaloians are famous for - wings.  In order to get a fair sampling, I ordered the medium level wings and the cajun wings.  The cajun wings seemed to have the medium spice base with a cajun spice added, but that is not confirmed.  The wings were fantastic.  Despite the fact that chicken wings are generally pretty small, these were jiucy and tender with a good outside "crust".  The medium spiced wings were very spicy and deterred me from trying the hot wings.  I was warned of this prior to ordering and I'm pasing this knowledge on to you.  The cajun wings also had good flavor and seemed a tad spicier. 

From 3-6 on Monday-Friday you can get wings for 50 cents apiece.  I'm not a wing connoisseur so I can't tell you if this is high or not, but paired with $2 draft beers, you can't be spending too much for a good happy hour meal.  And, Buffalo Bros has a good selection of draft beers that aren't your typical light beers.  As a Fort Worth focused foodery, they also serve Rahr beer and have an entire day dedicated to our local brewery - Saturday.  Pizza also comes in at a discount during happy hour but my memory of the pizza would require a pretty steep discount to induce me. 

Is that guy dancing in the corner?
If you haven't been to Buffalo Bros, here's a hint - the place is casual enough that anybody could stroll in and feel comfortable.  That's important to me and because of that, the pizza can be overlooked. 

Check out Buffalo Bros and let me know what you think.  If you've already been, pipe up with some defense of the pizza or other items to try.

Buffalo Bros is located at 3015 South University Drive.

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Anonymous said...

I've had the pizza, and it was exactly like I remember the pizza in Buffalo - meh.

The beef on weck and chicken finger subs, however, are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hole,

I think you are funny. Yours is the only blog I read with any regularity. I also have found some great restaurants because of you. Thank you.

Have you reviewed the Swiss Pastry Shop on Vickery? I love that joint. It's been a FW landmark for 40 years. The Black Forest cake is the secret to happiness. True.

FW Love!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Thank you for the lovely comments Anonymous 2. I have reviewed the Swiss Pasty Shop and couldn't agree more about the Black Forest Cake. I would kill somebody for one right now. Seriously, give me a name.

Here's the link to the review:
Swiss Pastry Shop

Anonymous 1, I'll give the subs a chance on my next trip as I really did enjoy the trip. Glad to hear that I'm not alone on the pizza.

Thanks to both for reading.

Anonymous said...

The wings are the best thing to get at Buffalo Bros. Try asking for them to mix the hot and the bbq sauce.

Anonymous said...

We go to Buffalo Bros all the time. I love the way they do salad. you pick your ingredience. My husband loves the sandwhiches and my kids love the chicken strips.

Anonymous said...

Dead on. Glad to see you being somewhat critical of a place!

Anonymous said...

You should have asked! Never get the pizza by the slice! Always get a whole pizza..I like the Tomato/Mozzarella best. The subs are fantastic too.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Well, every once in awhile I get my hopes up for something and the reality slams me back to ground. That's usually when you'll see something negative here. Plus, I try to see the best in most places. Some people see the glass half-empty. I see it full of rainbows and unicorn giggles.