Thursday, March 8, 2012

Zagat Loves St. Emilion

Zagat says that St. Emilion, our own little French restaurant on 7th street, has the best food in the DFW area. St. Emilion received a score of 29 out of 30 which tied it with the number one restaurant in Austin - Uchi. Uchi, of the Uchiko family of restaurants, may sound familiar to some of you because it is where the newest Top Chef winner originated. That's right, our own little St. Emilion has food as good as the Top Chef of the nation according to BravoTV.

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The Mrs and I recently had dinner at St. Emilion and a review will be forthcoming.  Until then, you have a slightly more reliable source telling you this place is good so get a reservation.

Congrats to St. Emilion, Bernard Tronche and Mark Hitri on the high marks and representing our city so well.

And thanks to for the heads up on this.
St. Emilion is located at 3617 West 7th Street.


Anonymous said...

YES! one of my favorite places neatly tucked away close to downtown. Fond memories of romantic dinners, exellent service and fantastic food.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

You're absolutely right.

I'm getting help up a bit on my review since I'm having trouble remembering what kind of fish I had. But once I get that settled, I'll have a review.

This place is truly a gem for Fort Worth and with the bistro menu, is now open to a lot more casual diners.

Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

I had the Dover Sole for the very first time at St. Emilion and it is the best tasting fish I have ever ate.