Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dos Amigos Taqueria

For those of you who are still around wondering if this site is active - congrats!  You're the first people to read the first post of the 5th year of free, loyal community service from Fort Worth Hole In The Wall. 

What good would a Hole In The Wall site be if there wasn't another good Hole In The Wall review?  It would be no good.  So here it is - not a good review - just a review of a good hole.

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I have no idea how my friend that recommended Dos Amigos found out about this place.  It's on Vaughn Boulevard, a few blocks south of Texas Wesleyan and when you drive by it looks closed.  The building is a small hovel with two doors, both with bars over them.  The entrance is to the right.  But much like the greedy kids on Willy Wonka's tour, once you squeeze into the building, a huge world of excitement awaits.

On this trip, I was accompanied by Elliott (the real name has been changed for his safety).  Elliott is another young professional here in Fort Worth and to say that the two of us don't fit in would be an understatement.  Luckily, he's from San Antonio and I speak a little Spanish.  You would not have known this to watch us order.  Instead of fluently asking for the enchilada plate with chicken, in Spanish, we just spoke loud and slow in obnoxious English.  Then we spanish-ized the word encheeelahda.  Some how we also ordered our entrees to go.  That may have been a hint from the chef for us to leave.

The food, served in our little styrofoam to-go boxes was delicious.  The encheeelahdas had a mild spice to them but lots of flavor.  There were additional hot sauces available to add some zip if necessary.  The beans and rice were flavorful without being overly salted - which is a common problem for many restaurants.  And for less than 12 bucks for both of us, it wasn't a bad price either. 

There is so much to say about the inside of this restaurant but I think the easiest way to sum it up was to imagine you're in a large prison cell and the guards hand you food through a window.  All the windows and doors had bars on them.  When you order your lunch, you do so through a small window to the kitchen which appears to have a quick release bar that can protect those in the back.  But all of that is forgotten when you realize that this small restaurateur here in the east side of Fort Worth has been running this small bastion of deliciousness for years.  The menu is essentially a photo album of the dishes available.  I would have taken photos but didn't feel comfortable doing so in such a small place.  You'll have to go to see all of this for yourself.

Give Dos Amigos Taqueria a shot and let me know what you think. 

I don't know the address, but Dos Amigos Taqueria is located between Avenues J & K on Vaughn Boulevard.


Steve Bezner said...

Thank you for your diligent work.

Also, I am available for scouting possible locations.

KimberlyDi said...

So glad you are still alive!

Michael Sellers said...

Thanks for keeping this going!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Google map image of 'moments after the drugs changed hands'. Adds some serious ambiance to the place. J.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

It turns out that there aren't a lot of flickr accounts with photos of Dos Amigos Taqueria. Who knew?