Thursday, September 27, 2012

FW Weekly Best Of

The Fort Worth Weekly has published its 2012 Best Of winners this week.  Normally at this time of year, for the past five years, I sit down to write a post lambasting the readers of the FW Weekly for filling the Best Of food categories with chains.  But all has changed.  The Best Of awards now include a section for chain restaurants.  After congratulating Jersey Mikes, Qdoba and Taco Bell, they then get down to the business of real restaurants for the rest of us.  Its definitely worth a read if you want to find some new places to try out.  I've already found some new locations that will show up here in the future.

Unfortunately, for five years, I have also been snubbed.  For those of you that don't know, Fort Worth Hole In The Wall is the number one food blog in Fort Worth with a name that uses more than five words.  It's also number one in the category of "Most Anonymously Written Food Blog", "Mostest Poorly Ritten Food Blog", and "Failure To Adapt To New Technologies Blog".  Yet this recognition goes unrecognitioned each year. 

Well, at least Macaroni Grill is no longer included as "Best Italian Food".


Karly said...

Your blog is my favorite! :)

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Thank you Karly. With you and my mom, that's three votes! Next year we'll take this award home.

caroline said...

oh fwhintw. once upon a time, your comments about the brunch at buttons was under "favorite quotes" on my Facebook. you sir, are one of my favorite things about the internet. you made chadra mezza sound sound delicious that I lied to my parents so they would take me there on my birthday. my mother won't go anywhere unless I have tried it before because of previous (age 5) experience with me not approving of a birthday dinner. so i told her I had been. i kind of had been. in a read-a-blog-post-about-it kind of way. often i choose to read you over doing my homework. which means i also chose you over Facebook (ooooo). keep writing sensationally witty reviews about my favorite places. you are the best.

Betsy said...

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