Friday, October 5, 2012

Black Rooster Bakery

Fort Worth has seen an influx of bakeries in the last few years and I am one of those who hopes the trend continues.  Especially if we keep getting places like the Black Rooster Bakery.

 Everybody has an image of what a bakery is.  Maybe its that place you visited when you traveled abroad and you picked out a delicious and fresh baked treat to eat while wondering through town.  Or maybe its where all the yuppy/hipsters go to prove their worldliness.  Maybe its a place you knew about as a kid but haven't seen much.  In any case, the bakery seemed to largely disappear from Fort Worth as grocery store baked goods departments took their place.  In the last few years, however, there has been a resurgence.  Most of the resurgence has been on the pastry/sweet side but we are starting to see some progress on the bread side and Black Roostery Bakery is right in the middle of that revival.

Black Rooster seems to do so much right its hard to focus on one particular thing.  I think they have the best baguette in town, they make all their pastries in house each day and they have items that are hefty enough for a real breakfast or small enough that you don't feel guilty for eating a dessert for breakfast.  They have coffee and a menu that changes as the day goes.  Fresh bread comes out throughout the day and you can pick up tarts or cookies for whenever you need a sweet fix. 

My only real complaints are that they don't have one that close to my house and that they are closed for two weeks to take a summer vacation.  And the latter isn't a real complaints because I actually like the idea of a business shutting down so the owners can take a break.  They can't trust somebody else to provide the perfection they are used to providing.

The Black Rooster Bakery is located in the shopping center at Forest Park and Park Place Boulevard and hopefully by the time you're done reading this, they'll be looking to open other locations we can highlight here.  It's a small place with a casual, work in process feel, that you'd walk into every few days to pick up your regular order of bread and a pastry treat that you gulp down before your wife finds out. 

They start early in the morning so you can get fresh sour cherry turnovers, large, frosting covered cinnamon rolls, and hot coffee. This is also when they begin (or continue, depending on the item) their daily bread production machine.  So far my only experience with their bread is the baguette but as mentioned above, its the best in town.  My wife has had the sandwiches at lunch and says they are great.  If you're anti-French, don't read this next sentence:

Those sandwiches you love.
You can get those baguette sandwiches they have in France, that have just butter and ham or butter and tomato or butter and cheese and ham or some similar combination.  And she says they are great. 

French-haters, come back now.  Freedom Fries, amirite? 

Don't worry, this bakery isn't particularly French, its just that is the place you think of when you think of a bakery, right?  Well maybe with the Black Rooster Bakery, Stir Crazy Baked Goods and others, people will think of Fort Worth when they think of bakeries....   But first we need more bakeries.  Culinary School grads - hint, hint.

The Black Rooster Bakery is located at 2430 Forest Park Blvd and is closed on Sundays and Mondays.
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nkaechler said...

Love Black Rooster, especially since we can walk there!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

And thats why they need to open more locations so that I can walk to one.

Are you reading this Black Rooster Bakery folks? The consensus is in - open more locations with the exact same quality.

Angela said...

Excited to give Black Roster a try! I completely agree that FW needs more bakeries!

Dallas Disc Pro said...

Black Rooster has the best cinnamon rolls! Keep up the good work.

Stephanie said...

You really should post some of your better stuff on you would get a ton more web visitors probably.. That is where I go and I am a total food junkie!