Monday, January 21, 2008

Trinity Bistro

Note:  Since posting this review, Trinity Bistro has closed.

I read a review about this place that said "get there now before they raise the prices." I think this is a good
way to sum up this place.

If you take Henderson North out of downtown, look to your left after passing White Settlement. There will be a little shack. Its a restaurant (note that I take no responsibility for any damages to your body if you enter a different shack filled with meth crazed hobos instead of a restaurant).

There are about eight tables and a bar in this place but its not a bar. This place appears to be a restaurant that spent most of its dining room budget on the bar though. Cool idea. If you get tired of your eating companion, go to the bar and hit on some random middle aged person of your desires. I didn't actually see any of that when I went there, but that's fun to watch if you ever get the chance. Ever seen a mulleted man in a leather jacket with an eight ball on the back try to hit on a woman? Awesomeness, but that's another story.

They have food here too. I ordered the fish tacos because for some reason I was craving them. A little warning here. The chef has some experience and likes to try new things. If you think you are craving something and order it, ask what exactly is involved. Fish tacos to me, tend to be flavored like mexican food dishes. So I was expecting a mexican style dish. The only thing mexican about these tacos was that there was a tortilla involved.

The flavors were more asian inspired with an island twist. Roasted vegetables, including pineapple, zucchini, squash and quite possibly a mushroom invaded my naive fish taco. The fish and or vegetables were all cooked in an asian flavored sauce and put together in the tortillas. There was no cilantro. No cheese. And no tomato based hot sauce. But thats ok. Every once in awhile you have to push that envelope and try something that isn't mexican.

Despite that horrible description of the food, it was actually good. It was a bit spicy and the roasted vegetables were prepared wonderfully and was a nice touch. It wasn't what I expected but you could tell the chef knew what he/she was doing and next time I crave asian/island fish tacos, that's what I'll get.

The rest of the menu looked great. They have a wide variety of items to choose from and I get the idea that its all pretty good. I think this would be a great place to go with some people who can never agree on a restaurant. You can have a salad, sandwich, fried catfish, duck, and probably even elephant tongue.

If you go and try something that is different from what you expected, please let me know. I hate to get my hopes up for something and then be pleasantly surprised with the different results. Change is for hippies.

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tedxas said...

Yes, this place is terrific! But it's CLOSED now. I didn't get a chance to sample their Apple Stuffing, which was apparently one of the best side dishes ever invented.

Believe it or not, they also made the most MONSTER gourmet hamburger. Biggest patty I'd ever seen.

But as of the first week of February '08 or so, it appears to have closed it's doors. Hopefully, someone will tell us where the good folks at Trinity will end up next. I would like to sample their fine work again.