Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Taco Heads

The Beatles once asked if you want a revolution.  And, of course, we all want to change the world.  But what about changing Fort Worth?  Are we experiencing a revolution?  A taco-lution perhaps?  Fort Worth now has two well known food truck options in the urban core.  Yum Yum has a couple taco trucks in downtown from 7am-2pm and now West 7th has Taco Heads, available Wednesday-Saturday from 7pm-2am.

Many of you have surely noticed that 7th Haven on West 7th has an addiction - an addiction to addition.  First it was the remodel with the front porch, and the rooftop patio, and now the back porch.  They will soon have a basement porch from what I hear.  And perched alongside that back patio, four nights a week, is the trendy looking trailer, known as Taco Heads, purveyor of Damn. Fine. Tacos.

I'm not as much of a night owl as many of you, so making it to seven p.m. is a daunting task, but one night, after a pound of chocolate chip cookies and a six pack of big red, I was awake enough to make it to Taco Heads for some grub.  The missus and I arrived, expecting to be alone, but instead found the patio occupied by a number of people, a small line at the Taco Heads trailer, and us - unprepared for what was ahead.  Many people are afraid to try new things like this for fear that their ignorance of the procedures will get them called out by all the cool people (not me) who frequent these places.  Relax my dear readers, for the Taco Heads people are a bastion of comfort and cool when it comes to answering your seventy stupid questions (what is your slaw made of?  how big are the tacos?  who pulls the chicken?).

For $2.50 a taco, you can get Pork Carnitas, Beef Brisket or Pulled Chicken.  Then add your choice of Taco Head slaw, pico de gallo, or cilantro and onions.  You can also add grilled jalapenos and/or avocado for an additional fiddy cent.  On the first visit (the first of many), we tried an array of tacos.  Carnitas with slaw, brisket with cilantro and onions, pulled pork with pico, pulled pork with slaw, carnitas with pico - etc.   We also got avocado on some and a cup of grilled jalapenos to toss onto others. 

The taco fillings are wrapped in soft, warm tortillas (approx. 5 inch tortillas), and you can choose between flour or corn.  The fillings, depending on which you get, range from spilling out of the sides, to neatly tucked into the tortilla.  You are also provided with a red (mild, i guess) and green (spicy) sauce.  Both are delicious with the red being a typical smooth red hot sauce and the green being somewhat creamy. 

In no particular order, except that my favorite is listed first and my third favorite is listed third, I like the pulled chicken, the carnitas and the brisket.  With carnitas being close to my first favorite.  All of the toppings are great but I'd recommend getting the slaw (which I can't adequately describe) and the pico.  The cilantro and onions are fine, but there's so much more to explore.  I also liked the grilled jalapenos.  The avocado was good, but for me, the jalapenos add a bigger flavor boost. 

Starting at midnight Taco Heads begins serving breakfast tacos to bar weary patrons.  Rumor has it, that you can probably get a breakfast taco a little earlier on Wednesday nights though I haven't tried them yet.  I will work to report back on that.

Many of you are thinking - is this guy still doing this non-sense?  Yes.  But you're also thinking, how are two taco trucks a revolution?  Well, first, its three taco trucks - Yum Yum has two in downtown.  Second, it's four taco trucks.  As I sat on the porch recently awaiting my Taco Head tacos, I noticed a new taco trailer.  Much like the creepy people that stare at you rather than talk, a taco trailer sat behind Taco Heads, across the alley, staring at me in hopes that I'd make a move and ask for some additional tacos.  While Taco Heads is lit up with decorative lighting, a bow, and a trendy look, this other taco truck normally sits outside the gas station at Henderson and Lancaster and looks like it.  It looked a bit creepy back in the dark, but its the sign of a growing trend.  Maybe we can even get food trucks that serve non tortilla wrapped foods.

If you're interested in trying a Taco Head taco, head (see what I did there?) to the corner of West 7th and Carroll between the hours of 7 pm and 2 am.  The trailer is located behind 7th Haven and faces Carroll Street and the Montgomery Plaza.  They take credit cards, cash, and hugs (no guarantees on this).

You can find Taco Heads on Facebook, and check out their video at the Taco Heads website.  Right now there's nothing else on the site but the video is cool.

Taco Heads receives four holes because its a trailer, with unusual hours, and the creepy trailer in the dark adds to the ambiance - if you like being watched.

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Anonymous said...

I also saw a taco trailer down off of Berry not too long ago - so make that 5 taco trailers. :)

Anonymous said...

I love me some Tacoheads!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Tacoheads but that creepy trailor gives me the creeps, it needs to move else where and stop trying to move in on tacoheads, tacoheads has the best taco in town and no one can compare!!!!

Patrick said...

The taco truck on Berry is a satellite of Salsa Limon & it's delicious. A little more traditional than Taco Heads but a lot faster service than the crowded Fuzzy's across the street.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Either Anonymous (3) works at Tacoheads or is a huge fan. Either way, I agree.

Patrick, that's an important distinction you made. We've got seventy-three bajillion taco trucks in town, but the Yum Yum and Tacoheads trucks are not the traditional style.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

The berry street El Capitan is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I love Taco Heads. Ask them to grill your Slaw and that is the best. The Grilled Veggies is good with Spinach leafs. Something to think about. Mix it all up and you'll be satisfied! Especially with a cold one to cool the flames...

And there are a lot more taco trucks than you think. If ever in the stock yard area, try Juniors tacos off 25th. it is good.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Good call on the slaw. I recently had a breakfast taco from them and it was amazing - so if any of you are up past midnight - its worth the trip.

Taco This said...

Thanks for the review! I plan on doing a review for my site (Fort Worth Taco Hunt), but in all honesty, I'm going in to it a little jaded. For all intents and purposes, everything I've seen/heard about this place, they are intent on being a "trendy" hole-in-the-wall who caters to the masses (a bit of an oxymoron). A Facebook page for a taqueria? Really? An artsy video of somone playing drums outside of their taco truck? $2.50 for a taco?

As always, I will give it a completely un-biased review, but my preference is the old school taquerias where you stand elbow-to-elbow with beaten down immigrants who are enjoying a true taste of their homeland. ;-)

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Taco This, Taco Heads is a trendy hole in the wall and its in a trailer, so its got the trendy trailer thing going on as well. It's not a small taqueria type place. I think the video and the page are meant to show that they are catering to the younger urban crowd.

It's good stuff but more along hte lines of Fuzzy's than Granny's. Give it a shot next time you're stumbling around West 7th.

callie salls said...

I'm a huge Taco Heads fan! I always get brisket with slaw on corn and a breakfast taco (potato, egg and cheese) with grilled veggies on flour. The breakfast tacos are great too!

JP said...

I love Taco Heads, but for the best brisket tacos, head to Del Norte in Godley. It's in an old auto shop-turned-restaurant (sorry, not a truck). Free beer. Outside patio. Nice staff.

And brisket tacos *definitely* worth the half hour drive from the big city.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

JP, that sounds awesome. And did I read "free beer" correctly? Thats worth the short drive for sure. Thanks for the comment.