Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I heard recently that Chubby's Burger Shack is open now for breakfast at 6 am with burritos and breakfast plates.  If they do breakfast as well as they do burgers, this is a good thing for makers of large pants.

Nonna Tata provides to-go service.  You get the salad, the meal and some bread.  That's not bad if you want the good food but don't care to wait for a table.

Three places have recently expanded or are expanding. 

Thai Rice N' Noodle has expanded into the space adjacent to the original location.  The service is catching up to the crowds so be patient. 

La Familia may or may not have expanded into its adjacent space as well.  That's a real gem of the West 7th area as those buildings fill up with dallasesque places.

Salsa Fuego has recently expanded into the kitchen to add an additional 4-5 tables.  The service is getting the hang of there new fame so peak lunch time crowds are still going to slow you down a bit.  FWHITW's recommendation would be to create a somewhat limited lunch menu to speed up the process.  The rumor mill also says that Fuego is looking to take over the old Covey location but they currently want too much for rent. 

I'm working on a review of some of the new bars in the West 7th area.  If you've got some thoughts or insight, post them here or email me at fortworthholeinthewall@yahoo.com

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas to all of you. 


Anonymous said...

still no buff bros review! ah well, wait til June 3rd or so when I go back to work so you can get the best waitress in Fort Worth ;)

Francis Shivone said...

Good updates, thanks.

Unknown said...

Being the anonymous that left the first comment on this thread...That was supposed to say January 3.
This sunday is 3$ Bloody Mary's though...so thats pretty good incentive.